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Accreditation and verification for your internet service
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Website accreditation and service verification is currently available through the Open College UK Ltd completely free of charge.

Please navigate the above links to apply for accreditation for your website.

The core aim of this website is, to some extent reduce internet fraud and privacy issues on the internet and promote safer surfing and confidence for users of the net. As all our listed members are required to display the accredited company logo with our name and abide by all rules of safe practice, we therefore expect a high standard of professionalism and honest service from all our members.

All listed member sites whatever the service or products they offer are required to adhere to the Open College strict practice guidelines, Terms & Conditions and membership Codes of Conduct offering best, ethical and professional service with attention to detail, customer care at all times.

All member sites listed with us, must clearly display an up to date privacy policy accessible from their website home page.

All member sites must at all times display a 'clickable members accredited logo' on their website. Once clicked, visitors at the accredited member site can arrive at an Open College verification page to view all listed and approved sites.

  • All our listed members can be viewed here: Accredited Members List

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    We provide this website as a free public service. We are unable to respond to the hundreds of emails we receive each day regarding internet Scams, Hoax emails, Spam, Fraud, Cons etc. Please navigate the helpful links to the left of this page for further information.
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    The company reserves the right to alter & change all descriptions & content as & when necessary without giving any prior notice. See Conditions.

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